The civil rights strategy of civil disobedience and public protest implemented civil rights leaders remain relevant today. 


Our services

The Alliance of Families for Justice seeks to end mass incarceration by empowering the formerly incarcerated and their families:

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Re-entry support services

AFJ refers family members and formerly incarcerated individuals for counseling support services. We provide monthly "Welcome Home" events and care packages for those returning to society. Each returning citizen is provided with a "buddy" for a year to help navigate a safe and productive return with plenty of encouragement.

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legal Referrals

The criminal justice system has a long record of human rights abuses. AFJ refers to a pool of pro bono attorneys to provide legal support for individuals and family members whose human rights have been violated during their incarceration in prisons and local jails. 


Advocacy and Communication Skills training

In partnership with the Advocacy Institute and the Opportunity Agenda, AFJ trains a select cohort of family members and formerly incarcerated individuals in advocacy and communications skills that empowers them and amplifies their voices.

Voter Registration

Many states ban those with a felony on their criminal records from voting. This assures ongoing disempowerment. New York allows formerly incarcerated to vote. We seek to empower the formerly incarcerated and their families to use that right through voter registration and voter education.