A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual

"A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual (JLM) is a handbook of legal rights and procedures designed for use by people in prison. Since publication of the First Edition in 1978, tens of thousands of prisoners in institutions across the country have used A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual to exercise their legal rights."

You can access the entire 11th edition online here:


You can also order a hard copy.

For incarcerated people and their family members:

"The JLM 11th Edition main volume is $30.  The Immigration & Consular Access Supplement is $5. First class shipping is included in the price. Prices and availability may be subject to change.  See the pricing chart on the Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual order form."

Connections: A guide for formerly incarcerated people in New York city.

The New York Public Library publishes "Connections" every year with updated information. It is a fantastic source of information about various community based organizations that provide reentry services.

You can access the 2018 edition here.