NY Times Editorial Board: "Holding Prison Guards Accountable"

On December 6, the New York Times Editorial Board published a strongly-worded Op-Ed about the need to hold prison guard accountable for their actions, and what needs to change in order for that to happen. An excerpt:

"For starters, Mr. Cuomo needs to push for a sensible disciplinary system, like that used by the State Police. Charges against officers are heard by a panel of three commissioned officers — two appointed by the superintendent and one by the union. The State Police superintendent gets final say. New York City’s Police Department uses a similar system.

Governor Cuomo has strengthened the system’s investigative apparatus, which is more inclined than in years past to refer misconduct cases for criminal prosecution. But to regain full control of a prison system that is essentially run by the guards, a radically different union contract will be necessary."

Read the full Op-Ed here.