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Event Details

Alliance of Families for Justice and the Justice Collective are holding a conference in Albany, NY on November 15 and 16 focused on the impact of mass incarceration on families and communities. This will be the final conference in our series of six regional discussions on this subject that we have been holding throughout New York State over the last two years. We would love for you to join us for some or all of the program!

Topics of discussion will include:

-Fighting Felony Disenfranchisement in New York State

-The Psychological, Emotional, and Spiritual Impact of Incarceration

-Supporting Families with Loved Ones in Prison

-How Can Families Impact Policy?

-How Can Communities Facilitate Successful Reentry?

The program will begin with a panel discussion on Friday evening at the Albany Housing Authority Atrium. Saturday will consist of a series of facilitated discussion circles held at the African American Cultural Center and Root3d. Detailed agenda info is coming soon.

Our mission

The mission of the Alliance of Families for Justice is to support, empower and mobilize families and individuals impacted by the criminal justice system so they can marshal their collective power to create a just world.

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Support families of incarcerated people 

Families are the building block of every community. We help families overcome the financial, social and emotional loss when a loved one is incarcerated and help them prepare for his or her successful re-entry. 


Empower them as advocates

Families experience a steep learning curve with many obstacles after losing a loved one to incarceration. Their firsthand experiences motivate and educate them to become their own best advocates for civil rights and criminal justice reform.


help marshal their voting power

The loss of voting rights of the formerly incarcerated remains a significant obstacles to criminal justice reform. Through advocacy and voting power, we can push reform-based legislation that help people return to productive society.

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We thrive because of volunteers and donors who are committed to building underserved communities through the power of strong families. Discover your vital place in our community by getting involved today. >


Make a difference

The Alliance of Families for Justice is dedicated to the end of human rights violations inside prisons and jails and building communities and families impacted by the era of mass incarceration.

“The Alliance of Families for Justice is rebuilding and healing communities with strategic love, know-how and dedication. Join us! An empowered community is a healthy community!”

–Soffiyah Elijah, Executive Director

Several high school seniors from Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) chose our organization for their senior project, in which they learned about AFJ's work and made a video about what we do to promote our cause. We are so grateful for their efforts and want to share the amazing job they did with the world!