We have an organization for you. We have a place that will make your individual dedication, and your individual sacrifice, and your individual attention, something larger. Because we’re going to support you, and we’re going train you to stand up to speak truth to power.
— Eve Rosahn


join our march

in person and online

It's never been easier to take a stand and march for human rights. Take these actions to join our movement:


Step 1: Stay Informed

Information is power. The first step is staying informed. Take a powerful leap with us on the march for justice by subscribing to our newsletter.

Step 2: Advocate with a click

Nobody can reach the people you can. Help us spread the word to reach the widest audience possible. AFJ marries human connection with digital touch to galvanize our movement for criminal justice reform. Take five minutes every day to like, retweet, share, repost in support of us. Join our digital march for justice.

Step 3: Spend For Justice

Every donor builds our movement. Every dollar builds our capacity. Think about the power of your spending. You could cut out one trip to Starbucks a week and make a monthly donation that will help rebuild families in need. We need your support. Donate today. Or take your civil rights march to the next level and plan a campaign fundraiser. It’s easy and we can show you how. Contact us today. 

Step 4: work with us

Change happens every time one caring person connects with another. Technology can only do so much. We need living, breathing, celebrating, working people to bring their talents to the network of what we can offer. Only you can do what you do.



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