action alert: ensure the new doccs package policy is permanently rescinded!


On January 12th, just 10 days after DOCCS piloted its mean-spirited restrictive package policy, known as 4911A, at three prisons, (Greene, Green Haven and Taconic), the PEOPLE succeeded in getting Governor Cuomo to rescind it. The Governor was forced to acknowledge that it was a “flawed package policy” --his words, not ours.

AFJ, along with advocates from across New York State, sent postcards, made phone calls, signed petitions, and sent letters and text messages to express their outrage at the harmful policy. The 4911A directive, some 17 pages long, eliminated the ability to receive fresh fruits and vegetables, scrapped most religious items, limited most reading material, limited the color of underwear, eliminated hooded sweatshirts, further restricted the colors of clothing, further limited the weight of packages, restricted purchases to approved vendors only who generally charged higher prices, and totally eliminated the ability to bring packages or mail them from home.

We are so proud of our AFJ members who took to the streets educating people about the policy and getting them to send in postcards. Over 1500 postcards have already been sent to Acting DOCCS Commissioner Annucci and Governor Cuomo. But, we’re not stopping. 

Right after Governor Cuomo announced that he directed DOCCS to rescind the policy, a statement was issued from DOCCS indicating that they were only suspending the policy and that we had not seen the end of it. And so, we must keep the pressure up. 

We are going to be sending postcards from all over New York State. Thanks to our collaborative partners across the state, Governor Cuomo will continue to hear from ALL New Yorkers on this backward policy until it is finally laid to rest. 

This is an issue that we can win. Together, let’s send a strong message that we value people and families over profits and prisons. 

if you want to help get postcards signed, please fill out the below form so we can arrange to get you as many pre-stamped postcards as you think you can get signed. 

If you can stop by our office in Harlem, let us know. Otherwise, please enter your address so we can mail you some. Thank you!

Please also sign this petition created by the Incarcerated Workers organizing committee (IWOC)

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